Property valuation

We determine the market value of your property

Determining the current market value of a property, be it an apartment, a house, a villa, a plot of land, a shop, a magazine or an office can be a complex undertaking.

For you, the client, this is the most important consideration, and it will depend on analysing a number of factors. We distinguish between external conditions (such as location, market demand, planning and development considerations) and "internal", subjective factors (such as age, current condition, functionality, energy efficiency, square footage and cubature).

We orient you,

by professionally analyzing all factors that influence the value of the property:

  • Correct entry in land cadastre, building cadastre and municipal building office
  • The location in the geographical and social context
  • The development - good accessibility
  • Existing disturbance factors, such as noise, traffic, etc.
  • Future development of the zone
  • Rededication possibilities and use
  • Consistency, existing and extensible
  • Age, condition, monument protection, ensemble protection, etc.
  • Existing (financial) burdens
  • Energy characteristics
  • Best possible tax solutions



A property appraisal, also known as a valuation or property valuation, is used to objectively determine the market or sales value of a property. This value is calculated on the basis of an inspection by a property valuer and is made up of various factors such as the plot of land and location, the state of construction and fittings, as well as the type of property and energy efficiency.


One of the most common reasons for a property valuation is to determine a market-relevant sales price as part of the planned sale. This often happens in the event of an unexpected inheritance or divorce or due to a planned gift within the family. In addition, the obligation to provide information to insurance companies, executors or local courts are also possible reasons for having the property value determined. But even without a specific reason, property owners are well advised to know the current value of their property in order to be prepared for all eventualities.


Owners with the intention of selling who do not know the exact value of their property run the risk of losing valuable time and money. The reasons for this loss are easy to explain on closer inspection: if the property for sale is offered at a price significantly below or above the standard market value without a professional valuation, either no solvent buyer will be found or the marketing process will be unnecessarily protracted, which in turn leads to financial losses.

Would you like an objective property valuation from our experienced property experts at IMMOBILPOINT? Our friendly and competent team will be happy to help you with a non-binding consultation appointment and look forward to hearing from you.

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